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SURF 4 Home is a brand designed and developed by Alexander Kappa

Alexander Kappa is an Italian designer born in Milan. He graduated in Economics and Management at the University of Pescara in 2006. Has always lived in Rome and began his professional career with his wife Kappa, and later with a team of active contributors Roman hinterland. Descending from an ancient family of violin makers and carpenters, surf enthusiast, he began his adventure outsider autoproducendo his creations in his garage with used tools. His first collection is inspired by the sea and from his deep passion for surfing, and is titled "Surf 4 Home".
The idea is to visually enrich what may be a space dedicated to domestic life or commercial activities of a particular category ... those who love freedom not only as a concept of thought, but also the physical expression.
Surf 4 Home is developed through a number of items of furniture characterized by rounded and sharp lines, inspired by the legends of the first Hawaiian surfers
SURF 4 Home is a curio line dedicated to those who live for and with the sea, to those who breathe the salt air and dreams every day in every moment of being in the shade of a tropical palm tree.

Alexander Kappa

"Fish Surfboard" Wood Console table

Fish Surfboard Console table is a fully natural product, is completely inspired by sustainability, using only eco-friendly and durable wood (Paulownia and american Red Cedar) and completely natural products for the finish, without any CHEMICAL product.

"Fish Surfboard" Wood Console table
Surf Inspired

Fish Surfboard Console table is designed properly to furnish home, hotels and resorts, boats and stores. It is a real wood console table also used as a desk



Handcrafted in Italy products make your unique and exclusive decor


Fully natural products, without using any chemical component


Each product is painstakingly studied in detail, due to our passion and love for wood


Our line of products is inspired by the passion for surfing, and all that is closely related, freedom, nature and adrenaline


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